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Captive -- Lt. Wolfe-Jordan Brown, Jonatan Burnett

Fringe -- Worker (Princ) - cut do to schedual limits-Bad Robot & Warner Bros. Television/Tom Yatsko

The Watchmen -- Actor-Warner Brothers Pictures/Paramount Pictures/Zack Snyder

X-Men: The Last Stand/X-Men [III] 3 -- Actor/Mutant Cure #1 (End Battle)-X3Productions Ltd./Conrad Palmisano

Comcast "Submarine" --Principal -Talent Partners

Roadrunner High Speed [Adv.] --Stunt Actor -Go Film New York


This is Wonderland I (Ep. 3) -- Prisoner #1 - Alice Productions (Muse Inc.)

New York Minute -- Actor - NY Minute Films Inc./Dir: Dennis Gordon

Chasing Alice -- Principle - Warner Bros. Television/R. Hemecker

Glen -- Lead - Lunatik Prod.

Nero Wolfe -- Actor - NW Production Services Inc.

Relic Hunter III (Ep#15/"Antianeiral") -- Desk Clerk/Principal (sometimes listed as co-star - Fireworks/Roger Spottiswoode

Nero Wolfe -- Actor - NW Production Services Inc.

La Femme Nikita -- Principal - Fireworks/Roger Spottiswoode

The Last Chapter -- Principal/Biker - Les Productions Tele-Action

Nero Wolfe -- Actor - NW Production Service Inc.

The Yeltzin Project/Spinning Boris -- Actor/Body Guard (Looped Over) - Black Flower Productions Inc.

The Limit/Gone Dark -- Yuri - GFT Ltd. Films Inc./Lewin Webb

MSN Explorer Commercial -- Thug/Principal - McCann/MacLaren Inc.

Angels in the Infield -- Devil's Minion/Actor - Disney Prod.

The Crow: STH I, Closing Time, Ep#:18 SeasonEp: 18 -- Schilling/Principal - Crow Productions,Inc./William Gereghty

Dead Man's Gun II, "The Phrenologist" Ep#:B-21 -- Blacksmith - Dead Man's Gun Too Prod. Inc./Alex Pappas

The Adventures of Captain Zoom in Outer Space -- Hideous Man - MCA Television Entertainment Inc. [us], Starz!, and Telvan Prod./Max Tash

The Net I, "Last Man Standing" Ep#:20 -- Principal/Bear - USA Network/DeLuise

The X-Files V, "The Pine Bluff Variant" Ep#18 -- "Terrorist in Frankenstien Mask" - Paramount Television

Three -- Actor/Stubbs - Paramount Television

Viper II Hidden Agenda, EP:#4 -- Firefly - Paramount Television

Poltergiest: TL II, "Someone to Watch Over Me" Ep#3728/#19 - Principal/The Sentry - PMP Legacy Productions, Brenton Spencer

Best Buds- Actor - Best Buds Prod.

Highlander - actor, disgruntled peasant - Highlander-Filmline International Prod

G.I. Joe teaser - principal - Hasbro

Mask of Death - Dalliio's "long-haired" henchman - Mask of Death Productions Ltd. -- [VHS] [DVD]

Man with a Gun -actor, thug #2 - WAG Productions Inc.

The Marshall - principal, Commando #1 - Paramount for TV

Hawkeye I, "The Quest" EP#10 - Davis - Hawkeye Productions Ltd.

Decoy -support lead/Gunther - Mind's Eye Productions/a V. Rambaldi film PSA

Violent Parolees Ad - star/parolee/offender - Circle Productions

The Surgeon (Exquisite Tenderness) - County General Patrol Guard - Lollipop Productions Ltd. -- [DVD Jewel Case]

Evelyn Lau's Diary - actor/Rapist - CBC

Ying and Yang - principal, Sava - an Andreas Kyprianos film

Black Cat II - lead, Alexander - Maple Ridge Films

GI Joe Commercials - actor, Zombie - Hasbro

Alberta Lottery Corp. - actor, Merry Man - Com./Hayhurst

perform own stunts when permitted


Dead Zone - principal, Chandler - Parker Productions

Dark Stalkers - principal, Anakaris - BLT Productions/|Sue Blue

Dark Stalkers - actor, Romanian Peasant - BLT Productions/Sue Blue


Dracula - lead, Dracula - Lake Simcoe Barn Theatre Mariposa

Evenings - narration - Lake Simcoe Barn Theatre

Nobody Sleeps - lead, thief - Theatre Five, Kingston

He and She - lead, He - Collegiate Drama Festival

Enter Laughing - principal, Carl - Domino Theatre


Method Acting, Dmitri Boudrine(K)Claire Kaplan Workshop; Anne Anderson Workshops; Voice-over WorkshopsErindale College, Toronto — one seasonDomino Theatre, apprentice, Kingston — two seasonsSt. Lawrence Summer Playhouse and the Pittsburgh Playhouse as an apprentice — three seasonsOngoing training in Martial Arts (over fiteen years)firearms training


ACCENTS: Eastern European, German, French, French Canadian and moreMARTIAL ARTS (Do Pi, Choy Li Fut, Hon Gar, Seven Star Praying Mantis, Aikido — weaponry, tournaments, demonstrations)HORSEBACK RIDINGFIREARMS HANDLINGFENCINGSWIMMINGCLASSICAL GUITARIMPROVISATIONSTUNTSMOTORCYCLEAUTOMOBILE (racing background)BICYCLECLIMBINGBOAT (motor and sail)Fluent, without accent in English, Hungarian, French, conversant in Italian, Dutch.
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